Airport Management Software

Airport Management Software
Airman Scout Capturing Wildlife Data on an iPhone

AIRMAN is Cloud-based Airport Management Software available on a very simple, economical Saas Subscription Service.

Your subscription fee is based simply on the number of devices or connections you require, and there is no penalty if you wish to cancel.

Under the subscription plan, you get Everything within Airman. From the complete Airport Operations System and its logging and Audit Modules, and the various Personnel, Training and Asset Management System as well as the complete SMS Management System which oversees everything.

Since 1999, AIRMAN has kept up with changing technology trends and industry requirements and is available as a versatile suite of Web and Mobile Tablet and SmartPhone applications. Regardless of the device, it connects to a dedicated database stored in the Cloud, is supported 24/7 and all devices install any new versions we release automatically.

We are confident the full Features set and Mobility will help you move from a Reactive to a Proactive Management mindset. It will also help prove you are demonstrating Due Diligence.  Please contact us for a Demo.

Please Note our promotional offer for small airports….If all you need is 1 machine with unlimited users you can have our Airport Management Software for $1 a day. No hidden fees, No fine print.

Airport Management Software
Airman Dashboard View from an iPad


Check out our Features and FAQ’s pages to really see how AIRMAN can provide the services you need. We are confident it will.


Get Everything for only $1 per day!


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