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  • 1. What does AIRMAN cost?

    AIRMAN is offered as a Software Service. Under this Service Plan you have two choices. The Basic, or Advanced Plan.

    The Basic gives you access to all the core Operational Modules such as Wildlife Management, Inspections , Daily Duties, Equipment Management etc.

    With the Advanced Plan you are given FULL ACCESS to all areas of the program. This contains the full SMS Toolset, Employee Training Management, Work Orders etc.

    Once you have decided which Subscription Plan is right for you, the only remaining factor is to decide on the number of devices(Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & SmartPhones) needing connection to AIRMAN. The pricing is scaled, so the more connections you add, the less you pay per connection.

    So in its simplest setup, a small airport with a single computer can have the Basic Service for less than a $1per day, or $350 per year with unlimited users.


  • 2. Which features are included under the Subscription plan?

    The is the Basic Plan witch offers access to all the Operational Logs. The Advanced Plan has no limitations. To see the full features visit our AIRMAN Features page

  • 3. Is there a term to the Subscription?

    Subscriptions are typically renewed on a yearly cycle. Some sites have requested longer terms and we can certainly adjust the billing cycle to your individual needs

  • 4. Is there a penalty if we do not renew our Subscription?

    No.  There is no penalty to walk away.

  • 5. We have a minimal budget, can AIRMAN be leased?

    Yes, leasing(a SaaS subscription) is available regardless of how you wish to run it. The Cloud Service Plan plan tends to be the easiest and most popular plan to adopt. This is because the traditional costs like onsite installation fees are now unnecessary.

  • 6. Do we have to pick and choose which Modules we want?

    Under the old sales plan that was the case. But, under our Cloud Service Plans(SaaS) . The Basic plan provides most Operational Logs an typical Airport Manager would need to run the airport. With the Advanced Plan you are entitled to use the whole program.  And, if there are Module/Features you don't wish to use, you simply turn them off.

    Plus, as new features are added they are automatically downloaded and installed for your use.

  • 7. Can we get a demo of AIRMAN?

    We offer a live demo over the web. Simply contact us and we will be glad to arrange a convenient date and time.

    We use WebEx as the connection portal so you will be given a link and password that will connect your screen directly to the demonstrators screen. Once the link is established we can show you anything you want, and spend as much time in an area as you need

  • 1. Part of the SMS mandate is the allowance of non-punitive reporting of Safety Observations or Suggestions. Can AIRMAN do that?

    Yes, AIRMAN actually gives the individual the option of remaining anonymous or not. Additionally, follow-up reports are available (when released) so the submitters can track the results/decisions of the Observation/Suggestion.

  • 2. Which Risk Assessment method does AIRMAN offer? Do we have a choice?

    AIRMAN offers two types of Risk Assessment Tools. The first is the straight forward numerical method of Probability x Severity x Exposure where action is dictated by the numerical outcome. We refer to this as the 3D method. The second method AIRMAN offers(called 2D) uses Probability and Severity only, but applies their values to a prebuilt Matrix Table that you configure to your site’s needs. Both methods have pros and cons and we find both are equally employed by our clients.

  • 3. Can we track Corrective Actions and Followups?

    AIRMAN allows you to assign Corrective Actions and Followups at the base Log level as Immediate Action taken, but it also allows you to add them at the SMS level. Both types are tracked and monitored, along with alerting if date deadlines are not reached

  • 4. Can AIRMAN monitor and alert me if a certain number of incidents occur?

    Yes, these numerical thresholds or Targets are referred to as KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators”. You can set KPI Targets on types of events recorded, or Species seen for example. When these number are breached the user is notified, plus as a manager you can tell AIRMAN to notify you of such on login

  • 1. Can AIRMAN warn us when a piece of equipment is due for PM's?

    Yes, if fact the warning can be triggered by three methods:

    By a certain amount of days from a hard date, and

    By a certain number of hours based on the units chronometer, and

    By a certain number of miles/kilometers based on the units odometer

  • 2. Can I keep track of what I am spending on Equipment?

    Yes, AIRMAN allows you to do that and gives you complete running totals of every dollar you've spent on a piece of equipment breaking it down by the parts, fluids and labour applied, plus by Department if necessary.

  • 3. Can AIRMAN track the values of equipment and buildings for future replacement planning?

    Yes, inside AIRMAN a piece of equipment can be anything, and the management of such quite detailed. This enables managers to have a real-time snapshots of their Fixed Asset Costs as well as all future Capital Expenditure Projections.

  • 1. We have a minimal budget, can AIRMAN be leased?

    Yes, leasing is technically a Subscription. We offer two plans, Basic and Advanced. The Basic offers all the core Operation modules a manager typically needs to run the Airport. The Advanced plan gives you the full program.

    Both plans offer24/7 support and you can opt out with no penalty

  • 2. Can AIRMAN still run locally on a desktop and be networked if necessary?


    Yes, AIRMAN can be run conventionally on Windows platforms and networked in traditional Client/Server fashion.

  • 3. I understand why AIRMAN utilizes dropdown lists, but can we still use the terminologies we're accustomed to or do we have to use AIRMAN's?

    Definitely. This is one of AIRMAN's strongest selling features. The less we disrupt your routine the better. With the exception of a few keywords, you can use any terminology you wish. We suggest some generic lists as they seem to be broadly accepted by all of our current customers, but you can change them to fit your needs.

  • 4. What Database Management System does AIRMAN run on?

    AIRMAN uses Microsoft SQL Server within the Cloud, but if you are opting for a  conventional setup you can stick with that, or run on SQL Anywhere(SAP)

  • 5. After agreeing to a Subscription to AIRMAN, how long do we have to wait until it is available in the Cloud?

    That varies based on your requirements. AIRMAN uses lists(Employee data, Operational lists etc) that you must provide so it really depends on how quickly those lists can be provided. Generic lists can be provided to speed up the process.

    Typically your dedicated database can be up and ready in a few days if you choose to manage and update those lists at your own pace.

  • 6. Do you help us establishing lists?

    Yes, that is part of the setup process we provide for you. Generic lists can be provided to speed up the process.

  • 7. Do you support Androids?

    Yes, AIRMAN will run on iOS and Android Tablets. It will also run on iOS, Android and Microsoft Smart Phones

  • 8. What Browsers are supported?

    For Web users, AIRMAN does not rely on Browsers. It installs independently on your desktop as as Installed Web App or IWA. Once it is installed it behaves like any other installed program with the added benefit of auto-installing any version changes it detects.

  • 9. Can AIRMAN still be loaded and used in a traditional Windows environment?

    Yes, AIRMAN can still be installed on one dedicated Windows machine only, or networked in the proven client/server fashion. However, it this is your choice the Cloud pricing model no longer applies as we may have to factor in additional costs such as travel.

  • 10. What is the minimum operating requirement to run AIRMAN in traditional mode?

    AIRMAN can run on any PC that utilizes W7 or higher as an operating system.

  • 11. If we opt for a traditional setup is AIRMAN networkable?

    Yes, if you want to install it in traditional Client/Server fashion it is fully networkable

  • 12. How often is my Cloud Database backed up?

    All databases are automatically backed up every 3 hours to capture any changes, followed by a Full backup after hours in a separate Amazon storage facility.

  • 13. Is access to your Cloud Servers protected using HTTPS protocol?

    Yes, SSL Certification is supported

  • 14. Can your Web and Mobile servers be hosted locally on our Intranet/Extranet?

    Yes, this is possible, however you would have to agree to an additional licence fee for each server, but once they are installed and running AIRMAN would behave exactly as if they were connected to the Cloud.

  • 15. Can the URL address you provide be Proxy’d to reflect our own internal naming conventions?

    Yes, you are given a dedicated address for Web and Mobile connections, but you can create proxies at your own firewall, proxy server or through your internal web server

  • 16. Is AIRMAN compatible with Tradewinds Tracr/AIM equipment

    Yes, you can still collect data with Tradewind's equipment. In fact several airports have utilised both systems.

    AIRMAN mines Tradewind's data and imports any new or changed data it finds. Once it is in AIRMAN, it is fully exposed for users to run queries and reports like any other data, but it is also eligible for activities using AIRMAN's advanced SMS toolsets such as Root Cause Investigations, Risk Assessments etc.

  • 1. Will the program extract historical data to compare it to new data in order to predict trends?

    All reports and queries have no restrictions regarding the date/time ranges you apply so you can compare on any date range you desire.

  • 2. We simply wish to keep track of which keys we sign in and out, can AIRMAN help us with that?

    Yes, this is the very reason the Misc Module was designed, to help you capture unusual activities or events that do not fit into any of the other modules. You simply create a Category and sub Category named for the very task you want. As those entries are entered you now have a complete history trail of that item and it can be fully Queried and Trended.

  • 3. Will AIRMAN allow us to save pictures or videos?

    Yes, you can “Attach” most file types within AIRMAN. AIRMAN does not generally open/run your attachment within itself, but it does allow you to run/open the attachment in its native environment.

  • 1. We are using a certain Dispersal technique against a particular species. Will AIRMAN tell us how successful this method is?

    Yes, AIRMAN will not only record your success rate in percentage form; it will also provide you with the percentage of times you actually used that Dispersal method against a specific Species or Family. For example, it will tell you that out of all the encounters with a Black duck, you employed gas cannons 66% of the time with a 48% success rate, and bangers were employed for the other 34% with a success rate of 88%. So it is not hard to see which method is more effective.

  • 2. I need to find out how many times I have employed my Falcons or Dogs for interventions over a period of time. Does AIRMAN have a provision to record this?

    Yes, AIRMAN will report exactly where and when these "Live Assets" were used, along with their performance grades.

  • 3. If I trapped something, is there a way to report on what I've done with that bird afterwards?

    Yes, AIRMAN produces a separate log account of everything trapped. You simply go to that log and account for it with details such as band #, where you released it etc. All this information is available later for reports. AIRMAN also allows you to record advanced biological information on the birds you trap such as Weights, Wing Lengths, etc.

  • 4. Does your program allow me to fill out a Bird Strike form for the US?

    Yes, not only can AIRMAN produce the FAA Strike Form, it also supports the following other types....Transport Canada, Australian, ICAO, USAF 853 and CF218 Strike reports. Once completed these reports are available for official submission plus can be collectively queried for trending analysis.

  • 5. We hire Biologists to come in to do surveys but want them to record the data so it can be preserved and analyzed by us. Is there a provision to do that in AIRMAN?

    Yes, AIRMAN actually offers two methods of doing Surveys(Standing Point Counts etc). First is a base level Surveying method which allows the daily users to plot surveyed species. Additionally, AIRMAN offers a dedicated module strictly for Surveyors use, and the data remains separate from daily operational observations.