SMS Management Software

SMS Management Software is the key ingredient to Airman. It didn’t start out that way back in 1999, but it now reaches and oversees all aspects of what you do within Airman, and we as the principle developers are very proud of it.

Volairus Management Systems Inc. originally started out as Winfield Solutions back in 1999, with our primary product AIRMAN. In 2008 as business grew we decided to incorporate and still remain the sole developer and provider of AIRMANAirman_Icon_Master.

Volairus has enjoyed a clientele list that spans Canada, USA and Australia, and range from Canadian government deployments(Northwest Territories….27 airports) to US government agencies like the USDA and the US military contracts(USAF). 

We have also provided solutions to a host of independent airports, Contractors and Flying clubs ranging in size from Boston’s Logan airport down to the smallest airstrip.

We are proud to offer varying deployment methods from Traditional Networking to full Mobility with the Cloud. Many long standing clients have opted to migrate their systems over to our Cloud based system. And many of the newer clients have taken advantage of our current promotional Full AIRMAN for $365 per year subscription offer.

AIRMAN has consistently proven its ability to meet the needs of the industry and we are confident it will meet yours.

Feel free to contact us at 1-613-395-2681 or email our sales team at